Bradley Stevens

In 2012, Brad was awarded ‘Best Actor from the 10th Angry Film Festival for his performance in film ‘Shit Happens‘. Two films that Bradley stars in, ‘The Debt‘ and ‘Bystander‘, both were nominated for best film at the 2011 WA Screen Awards; the latter taking the prize. Three of Brad’s films have screened at FlickerFest, Australia’s only Academy Award Accredited Short Film Festival, including ‘Polarised’ which sees him performing opposite Olivia DeJonge, the star of M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film; and ‘Carton’ which was directed by the multi-award winning Maziar Lahooti.

In 2015 Brad Co-Wrote ‘The Deal’, which was selected to go into production with Brad in the starring role for the pilot episode of ‘The Bench’ series, produced by Sydney-Based HubStudio. Brad also produced, wrote and starred in short film ‘Cacophony’ in 2015 as a submission to the World’s Biggest Short Film Competition, a film that was nominated in multiple prize categories.

Since completing 4 years of Acting Training in theatre and film, Brad has begun working and studying film production to expand opportunities for both himself and others in the independent film community. In 2016, Brad launched, a website dedicated to the study and teaching of film production techniques and strategies for Micro Budgets. After many years of research, development and testing, Brad now teaches a 2-Day Class on Micro Budget Film Producing.

Brad is currently based in Sydney, Australia.