[Bradley’s] hunger to develop as an artist shows great maturity and dedication and I feel his performances will only get stronger as a result. It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Bradley to you as a talented, committed and driven actor and look forward to seeing the work he creates in the future.”
 Keir Wilkins, Director of ‘Bystander’
I have witnessed Brad’s commitment to the ongoing improvement of his craft skills and he has impressed me with his passion, dedication and the versatile nature of his performance skills. Brad shows great enthusiasm for his acting and has an excellent work ethic and ability to empathize with a character. He is supportive of his fellow cast and helps to foster creativity in those around him”
– Annie Murtagh-Monks, Casting Director / Acting Lecturer of PAC Screen Workshops
Bradley’s dedication to the process was unmatchable and his trust in me as director was imperative to the success of his performance. Bradley offers a diverse range of abilities, his most invaluable (in my opinion) is his ability to convey an inner monologue without dialogue.”
 Stefan Androv Radanovich, Writer / Director of ‘The Debt’
Not only is he a versatile actor, but Bradley is intelligent, funny, capable of wonderful improvisation and he takes direction extremely well. Quite simply, he was a great asset to have on board. He came prepared, had a ‘can do’ attitude (even during long shooting sessions) and often went above and beyond the call of duty. His eagerness to contribute his very best was always apparent.”
 Julien Wallis, Writer / Director of ‘Brother Sister’
He works well as a part of any filmmaking group, forming friendships and bonds with cast and crew members, he is fun to have on any set. He accepts direction well and isn’t afraid to ask questions to clarify directions or motivation.”
 Dylan Tilbury, Director & Producer of Ow! My Eye productions.